• 372nd TRS, Det 4: Train personnel to uphold America's Air Dominance

    The “Raptor Teachers” of Detachment 4 consists of 14 instructors who instruct over 400 maintainers across eight AFSCs providing worldwide and local training on F-22 aircraft systems and support equipment for the 325th Fighter Wing active duty, Air National Guard and Reserve units.

  • 372nd TRS, Det 3: We train, you maintain!

    Our mission here at Hill AFB is unique among the 28 field training detachments (FTDs) in that we support three different maintenance training groups from three different major commands,” said Detachment Chief MSgt Timothy A. Mason.

  • Chief's perspective: Bold leadership in the Air Force

    Our total force team has a prime opportunity to demonstrate bold leadership in meeting the needs of social change within our ranks. “Proactive” leadership will be a key component of our success. We’ll need bold leaders with the vision and gumption to look ahead and a little behind, so the mistakes

  • Standing on the shoulders of giants

    The helicopters took flight, leaving in their absence a group of wounded veterans below. The familiar scene brought back painful memories for some, however all were elated to be reunited with their brothers in arms.

  • Chief's perspective: servant leadership

    As my time in the Air Force comes to a close, I have to reflect on those leaders who have made the biggest impact on my life. Every single one of them seemed to exude the same qualities of one specific character trait: servant leadership.

  • Training Squadron of the Year: Reflecting on excellence

    The announcement was delivered via email on March 22, 2016: “On behalf of Brig. Gen. Patrick Doherty, please congratulate the 365th Training Squadron on their selection as the 82nd Training Wing's Training Squadron of the Year… ” Due to the caliber of Sheppard organizations, I can only speculate it