• Are you my mentor?

    If you’ve ever had to ask this question, the answer was probably “no.”

  • Stay Focused

    Air Force officials have been working for some time to reduce the active-duty end strength, as well as creating initiatives focused on balancing and reshaping the entire force.

  • 'What do you think?'

    "What do you think" is a commonly used idiom, with many meanings.  Sometimes I hear this phase when people are deciding on a best course of action to take.  For example; "I'd like to go out to eat tonight.  What do you think?"  Or "That car looks really nice.  What do you think?" One sometimes

  • Mentorship: ‘I care about you’

    Are you green and growing or are you ripe and rotting? Each of us want to contribute to our full capacity, and one way to achieve this goal is through the wise counsel of a mentor.  Perhaps you've been in a situation where you wished you had someone, maybe a trusted, experienced leader, to "bounce"

  • Prepare now for Sheppard winter weather

    When you found out you were coming to Sheppard the first two things people mention weather-wise are the triple-digit temperatures in the summer and the severe thunderstorms and tornadoes that happen across the area, both of which are true. However, what they often forget to mention is that Sheppard

  • Lessons learned: ‘What message are you sending’

    There I was, a new technical sergeant recently arrived at a new duty station and appointed to supervise the night shift in my section.  I had a great team of motivated young noncommissioned officers and Airmen.  We were ready, willing, and able to do our part in getting the mission done.  Many

  • Uncomfortable commitment: Chief provides perspective

    All of us who serve this great nation has made a commitment to serve something greater than ourselves. For the enlisted forces, this commitment starts with the Oath of Enlistment which signifies and confirms our intentions.As an all-volunteer force, we take this oath free from prejudice and of our

  • You decide: Comfort zone or developmental special duty?

    Do you have a Service-Before-Self mentality? Do you take advantage of leadership opportunities? If you were nominated for a Developmental Special Duty (DSD), how would you react if it was in a role you were completely uncomfortable with? Would you volunteer for a deployment today if the opportunity

  • Moments explode like fireworks

    By taking a picture, I freeze a moment in time blasting it with radiant color and balancing it with composure. Then I expose the photo for the world to see.Just like the fireworks exploding in the sky on Independence Day, my lens burns an image into a piece of film - or in this case, records it onto